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FAQ - LED-EX Packers and Movers

Some packers and movers have this facility. There are some unprofessional service providers also there who don't provide an online tracking system. So please beware of them, sometimes they will delay a lot in the transportation. This is all about the matter of the security of your valuable goods. While selecting the service provider you can check their services on the website or personally ask them about your query. The best way to find out a genuine and reliable packers and movers company is, check the online reviews and also if possible ask for reference. If you ask for references at the social media groups, you will definitely find some genuine references. You can also ask your known people or neighbours for references. You will hopefully, won't be disappointed.
The responsible packers and movers use GPS trackers in their trucks to ensure their customers about their goods. The tracking system is really helpful for the customers to find out the delivery date and plan things accordingly. Some service providers even have their personal tracking Apps that gives you each and every details like the vehicle number, driver details, vehicle's current location, and more.
The packers and movers companies take very good care in the shifting process. They complete all the shifting process smoothly without us getting involved in the process. They check with the customers and get all the information regarding the distance of the place to be relocated, the number of items to be packed, calculate the service charges accordingly. The companies have some terms and conditions. So, please read them carefully before selecting one. There some main sections of work.
● Have a look at all the items that need to be shifted.
● Select the box materials for packing each item delicately.
● Keep them in the selected boxes with good care.
● Arrange the vehicles according to the number and sizes of the items.
● After the entire packing is done, they count all the boxes for security reasons.
● Then they load all the boxes in the vehicles without damaging anything.
● Then transfer it to the exact location and unpacking them inside the house and place them nicely.
I think packers and movers services are the best options to move intercity or within the same city. We generally have limited things to shift. So we can easily contact them 2–3 days prior to moving. For heavy goods, we need to call them at least one week before the shifting. If we are shifting to another city then 15 days prior to shifting is the safest option.
There are lots of reliable companies can be found in the cities which can help us to shift without spending so much time. You need to inform the date when you want to shift your location. They will arrange everything and be at your service on or before time. Their performance depends on the availability of the vehicles and staff available for the packers-movers companies. We usually choose the end of the months to shift for within city or intercity.
You see, shifting within a city or intercity is a matter of dependence on the current circumstances. Depending on the need, there is a difference between the approximation of prices for relocation at a new place.
The correct estimation can only be made after a proper pre-move survey. The survey is a generally reliable and acceptable if the packers and movers company you have approached is a reliable one. A correct survey gives us the information to prepare a budget for shifting.
So, we can choose a dependable packing and moving company by discussing and selecting a suitable date and time with a negotiable price. We can also be ensured with the reliability of the transportation of our items. The survey may take an hour or so after which, an approximate estimation will be given by the surveyor representing the packers and movers company.
There are three types of charges for shifting.
● Local shifting within the city
● Intercity
● International shifting

The charges are different for each of them. Packing charges usually depend on the number of items need to be packed and the moving charges depends on the distance.

● Local shifting distance up to 300km including the transportation charges generally ranges from Rs. 3000/- to 9000/-

● Inter-city shifting between the distance 400km to 1900km including the transportation fees ranges from Rs. 4000/- to 50,000/-

The packing and moving process includes packing goods, uploading to the vehicles, carry the goods with proper care, unloading the items in the new place and also placing them at the desired places. Intercity shifting may add the toll charges, parking charges, and the road permit charges. Everything will be mentioned by the packers and movers company before scheduling the booking.

Packers and Movers companies take all the responsibilities to load and unload your stuff. Different companies take different time duration to pack the items depending upon the way they pack your goods, the type of the items, the location to where they will be transported. The packaging time depends on the number of furniture and other kinds of stuff including kitchen utensils, flower tubs, books and all.
Fully furnished 1 BHK flats take at least 1 week to pack everything carefully. Like this, you can do the calculation. If you have very soft items or delicate ones, they take a little more time to pack. They usually make a well-organized plan to pack everything in different packaging boxes to keep things intact. They use bubble wraps, corrugated sheets, cardboard to pack the things and transport them safely.
Packing and moving for relocating is a very tiresome work. It needs a lot of pre-planning and proper planning for the relocation. For personal and professional reasons a few times, we need to shift from city to city or just within the same city, but to a different location. So packing everything within the time and unloading unpacking all the household items and placing them nicely to the new location is not so easy. Packers and movers are great relievers when it comes to shifting. There are numerous benefits due to which we must avail of packers and movers services.
● They serve all the requirements from packing, loading, transporting, unpacking and placing the items properly, they do it all.
● The door to door service is really important for long-distance and interstate relocation.
● They use proper materials for packing each item.
● They transport each and everything very safely without causing any kind of damage.
● And of course, provide hassle-free transportation, taking all the transportation hassles by themselves.
The packers and movers mostly use different kinds of boxes for different items. The packaging also varies for change in travel duration and distances. Generally, I have seen there are around 10 to 12 types of boxes or wrapping materials they use.
● The plywood boxes are used for heavy electronic goods and other weighty delicate items like TV, Refrigerators, Racks, etc.
● The wooden boxes are used as per customer needs. Goods like Crockery, Kitchen utensils are generally carried in these boxes.
● The cardboard boxes or cartons are used for packing books, papers, clothes, groceries, etc.
● The bubble wraps are supposed to pack delicate goods such as glass artefacts, crockery, etc. The bubble sheet rolls are used to move mirrors, dressing tables, and other small items and furniture. The bubbles wraps are mainly used for absorbing any kind of jerk or sudden shock.
● Thermocol sheets and boxes are used for carrying delicate items.
● Cushion wrapping method is used especially for carrying electronic items to save the items from jerks and bumps during a relocation.
Packing stuff with proper care and shift it to the new destination is a matter of huge responsibility. There are several famous and reliable packers and movers are in the different cities of India. You just need to log on to some genuine transportation website by specifying your city and location. It will provide you several good options. Before choosing one make sure you do a little survey on the customers' reviews, past works, charges, and facilities.
When you are thinking of shifting, give priority on the following points about the packer and mover. ● The charges should be reasonable.
● Use proper boxes to carry the goods.
● Handle all the stuff with minute care.
● The booking should include packing, transporting, unloading, and unpacking the goods and placing them safely at the destination.
We need the packers and movers for shifting whether for professional and personal reasons. There are lots of things to do for shifting. It’s real trouble actually to sort all the stuff in proper section and then again unpack them at the new place. They do all the work very swiftly which we can not do so easily. The packers and movers staff during the relocation comes much before the scheduled time to our places and pack the items such as home appliances, kitchen utensils, crockery, books, clothes, and furniture by using a different kind of boxes of different sizes. After packing the things, they load the items in the vehicles depending upon the sizes and numbers of the goods. They deliver all the items safe and secure, without any damages to the destination within the stipulated time.

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